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Sandy Hook Promise
Ana Márquez-Greene

A Special Message

Thank you. Thank you to the thousands of you who reached out to me, via this website, during the days and weeks that followed my daughter Ana's murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Thank you for the voicemails, the Facebook messages, the texts, the gifts and the visits. Thank you for keeping my family and me in your thoughts and for keeping us lifted up in prayer. Thank you to the thousands of you who attended my daughter's home going service on December 22, 2012. Thank you to the many who donated so generously to support my family and me via the Ana Grace Fund and thank you to the many who donated generously to organizations like The Artists' Collective, Klingberg Family Centers, the University of Winnipeg, Linden Christian School and Western Connecticut State University who, through their work, are keeping Ana's legacy of love, faith and music alive.

Thank you for showing my family and me so much love and support. You remind us of the best of humanity, especially now as we have been forced to suffer through what quite possibly is the worst of humanity. In the words of child trauma expert Pat Wilcox, "The antidote to trauma is love." You have shown your abundant love in so many ways. It gives my family and me strength and I am truly grateful.

"You remind us of the best of humanity, especially now as we have been forced to suffer through what quite possibly is the worst of humanity.""

Since December 14, 2012, many have asked me, "What can I do to help?" There are many ways, depending on your personal preference. There has been much debate in Washington D.C. and in state legislatures nationwide about gun control policy in response to the Sandy Hook School murders. Your voice and your vote count! Let your elected leaders know you want to make our schools and communities safer. Write them, call them, email them, but please don't remain silent. There are other areas, like mental health policy, that don't get as many headlines but are just as important in the push for fewer gun deaths. My wife and I support organizations and legislators who advocate for common sense solutions to gun violence, namely background checks for all gun sales, limits on magazine capacities and technological advances in gun safety. Gun responsibility superceeds political party affiliation - it's about saving lives. Please join us.

Another question I've been asked often is, "How do you even get up in the morning?" To be honest, it's not because of my strength or resilience. I have very little strength on my own - but my God is strong, and I lean on Him. It's my hope in eternity, encapsulated in the New Testament scripture found in the book of John chapter 3 verse 16, that is my only source of peace and comfort during these painful days. Ana is in heaven where I hope to be one day and I have nothing to fear.

Please visit the links on this page for more info on musicians and organizations that have been vital to the well being of my family and me. So many have donated their time and talents to help us in our great time of need. Thank you for showing your love so tangibly. The more I think about it, if we just loved our household, local and global neighbors like these folks and so many more have done, senseless loss of life would be diminished.

Love wins!

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